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Q. Do You have a minimum order?
A. Yes, there is a minimum of $1,000 and we only sell each color by a dozen. Mixing of assorted colors are also allowed. 

Q. Do You have to make a deposit?
A. Yes, you have to make a down payment of 30% by wire transfer first to process the order The rest of the total has to be wired when the package is ready to ship,  we will notify you when the shipment is ready to go  and send you the final invoice for you to reveiw it  when you  finishe revewing the invoice ,send the balance with the wire transfer ,then we will ship it out, after we confirm the wire transfer comes in.

Q Do you have to make a 30% deposit for every order?
A. Yes. A 30 % deposit/down payment is required for every order. The reason for this is because we are solely an order-based company. Items are manufactured through the orders as received. The deposit secures the initial manufacturing and processing of the items. Once manufacturing is done; the remainder is charged and sent for delivery to the buyer.

Q. When will my shipment get delivered? How long does it take to make my orders?
A. It usually takes about 3-4weeks after your order has been placed unless our supply of materials are low. For the convenience of our customers ,if you agree we can send partial shipment of items in 2-3 weeks first and then the rest of the shipment will be delivered in 2 weeks after the first shipment. All the order will be shipped by Fedex International Economic (IE) ,and It takes only 2-3 DAYs in most area in continental U.S unless specific instructions are provided.

Q. Do you do Carding and Ticketing?
A. Yes, but the cards must be arrived within 4 weeks prior to our shipping date. There is a .10 Cents handling fee for each job which is $1.20 per dozen added to your original price. Also, you do have the option of carding the items on your own if our price is not right for you.

Q. What materials do you use to make your products?
A. Most of our items are made of brass, tin, semi precious stone, Swarovski crystal, and Czech glass . All of the products are all lead free and has a special coating which are plated with a choice of 16KT matte gold or matte silver, gun metal, and shiny gold or silver to provide the demand for a customized look . You are offered in 46 different colors that come in every style.

Q.Where is the goods being produced?

 A.It is being made in Seoul ,South Korea with the same materials and components that we use in U.S since we have moved our business from U.S.A

Q. What is it plated with?
A. Basically,all our products are plated with 16KT matte gold or silver (gold & rodium plating) and some items are available in Rose Gold and Gun Metal,

  Nickle Free plating is also available at additional costs of 10%  on the regular price.

Q. Will it tarnish?
A. No, it will not tarnish easily because we apply a special coating on all our products to ensure they last a long time, but it will tarnish after all because it 's not a gold , but in the case it does tarnish within 5 days of receipt of goods, we are more than happy to exchange it for you 

Q. Can I alter or modify the design?
A. Yes, unless it is too complicated to modify the design. In any case, there is a minimum of 10dz per each color selected.

Q. Can I create  my own design?
A. Yes,As long as we can  use our raw loose stones with the any metal casting that you want to create. but, You need to pay $200 for the Master mold fee IN ADVANCE depending ,  WHICH IS NON- REFUNDABLE for sample to develop you request . You can keep this  original casting sample when you want to discontinue this item,and there is required  for the minimum of 10dz per each color selected and At least  minimum 4 colors should be selected. It takes at least 1-2months to develop it,

Q. How long Can I sustain  my online account?
A. Once approved, You have 90days time period, andYou need to order at least once a three months through the website to keep your accoutn activated,Otherwise your accout will be temporarily supended.



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Our customer service representatives are available to help you five days a week. Monday to Friday.
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